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Opt out of certain categories
I don't offer Direct Admin or WHM so the ability to opt out of displaying articles in that category would be useful.

Miriam Michalak shared this idea 21/02/20 06:02
Kunnu 17/03/20 03:30 flag comment
Nice Idea, I will try to find a way so customer can choose category while placing order. However, You can hide category or remove whole article category from WHMCS >> Support >> Knowledgebase. For other software like Blesta, etc you can do same. Most of software provide option to hide category or remove.
Ioannis Chatzinikolakis 17/07/20 08:23 flag comment
Hello, I want to buy the PreMadeKB WHMCS Knowledgebase but I'm facing an issue. The "Buy Now" button on WHMCS Marketplace does not works. I get the message that "This site can’t be reached. www.dewlance.com’s server IP address could not be found." It happens the same problem also when I tried to do the purchase through your website https://premadekb.com/. Even your contact page doesn't work. I send message to support@dewlance.com and I've got this: "Your email to our support system could not be accepted because it was not recognized as coming from an email address belonging to one of our customers. If you need assistance, please email from the address you registered with us that you use to login to our client area." How can I become your client? You don't have even the Register button on your website! What's wrong? Is your company is out of business? Are you selling products in Finland or not? Ioannis Chatzinikolakis